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We keep you updated about the latest events, rumors and news about all the teams from the four major sports categories – that will enhance your enjoyment of the vivid world of sports. If you’re fond of baseball, basketball, football or hockey – we divided all the information and placed it into clear and accesible sections. The hottest news of the Major League Baseball (MLB), Major League Soccer (MLS), National Basketball Association (NBA), National Football League (NFL) and National Hockey League (NHL) – are just one click away! Our round-the-clock team of experts will share prompt, accurate and quality content on a daily basis so you can place secure and well-informed online bets.

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We thrive to provide a detailed coverage of everything you need to know about the big four sports in the USA (football, baseball, basketball and hockey) in order to enrich your betting experiences and minimize the risks. Since a successful bettor relies not only on his instincts, but on appropiate strategies too; our platform contains some of the best betting strategies equally useful for novice and experienced bettors. A few of them are: parlay betting, middling, prop betting, betting on the moneyline and point spread betting. You can find all of them at the Strategies section.

  • Betting Law in District of Columbia

    Betting Law in District of Columbia0

    The US Supreme Court passed a new law on 14th May 2018, making sports betting legal across states. The new decision finally put to an end the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) federal law, which banned such activity in 1992. While other states, like Delaware and New Jersey, took action immediately; the District


Welcome to Betting 101 – the home of the USA sports betting news and info!

Sports betting comes with its tricks and fundamental knowledge, therefore, we are here to ensure you’ll get the gist of it and enjoy it to the fullest. You’ll find a thorough explanation of each type of bet – from totals and spreads to parlays and handicap betting.  More than that, Betting 101 is a prodigious portal to the best sports betting odds, which represent the probability of an event to happen, therefore, they help you place good online sports bets to multiply your stakes.

Even professional bettors still feel the adrenaline of placing a new bet and are aware of the risks, because the sports world is always active. A trade between the teams or a draft pick can have a major impact on your bets, that’s why you need to stay informed. Fortunately for you, with Betting 101, everything you need to know will be in just one place. We’ll guide you to the path of becoming a professional bettor in no time and each day we’ll satisfy all the curiosities you have about your favorite sport team!

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