• Best Live Betting Strategies

    Best Live Betting Strategies0

    The idea of basic live betting is that you can predict a game play by play faster than your booking agent can determine the odds and propose a bet against the odds you already understand in a particular situation. The concept comes from European sports agents, simply because there are going to be people who

  • Betting On The Moneyline

    Betting On The Moneyline0

    People in the United States tend to associate sports betting with collegiate and professional football and basketball, but for the true sports enthusiast betting is also available for baseball, hockey, soccer or any other sport with which a backer can be found. Because of the amount of points typically earned in football and basketball, it’s

  • Point Spread Betting

    Point Spread Betting0

    Point spread betting, at least in the United States, is the most common and typical form of betting when placing a wager on your favorite team or on the team you expect to win. The only simpler bet is when two friends each bet against each other while enjoying the game together as a direct

  • Prop Betting Tutorial

    Prop Betting Tutorial0

    Prop betting, or “Proposition Betting,” is a fun way to add interest to your portfolio of weekly bets. It can be a means of adding a low risk bet for fun to your weekly bets which can add a padding to your bets or be a sustainable loss because you think certain things might happen

  • Best Sports Betting Strategies

    Best Sports Betting Strategies0

    There are sports betting strategies which are proven to work consistently, and others which are nearly guaranteed to make the bettor lose money. There are variances on each particular strategy and what may work for one person isn’t necessarily going to be the best for someone else, but the important aspect of the topic is

  • Teaser Odds in Sports

    Teaser Odds in Sports0

    It’s no secret that betting can be a great way to enhance your enjoyment of sports games by inspiring you to learn more about the teams involved and how they may interact with each other. Assuming you aren’t a professional gambler, odds are you get enough enjoyment from placing a few bets each week to


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